Feel Free To Keep Doing This After I Leave

As my legendary tenure comes to an end, the editors and writers have been contemplating if there is even a point of continuing the Every Three Weekly without my name in the credits. However, I want everyone to know that I give my blessing for all of you to continue doing this after I leave.

For all the other E3W writers, you may be doubting your abilities, asking things like “Who will fill your role?” While it’s impossible to fill the void of my immaculate wit, I sincerely believe if everyone else combines their abilities, you could get pretty close.

Once you get past the imposter syndrome, you will definitely be lost and unsure of how to properly publish an issue. So, I thought I’d instill some valuable knowledge to help you out while I’m gone. When I need to copy an article from one document to another, I use a handy trick called “copy and paste”–just press Command+C, and then Command+V! Feel free to use that technique as much as you like, just make sure you credit me when you do.

I’m aware that the first issue without me will be strange. It’s a bit like seeing Michael Jordan in a Washington Wizards jersey. However, I need you to power through. Wipe those tears away, and continue providing satire to the good people of Michigan.

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